Love This House is very proud of the work we do. We are even prouder when one of our clients takes the time to tell us how well we have done.

We love hearing from our clients. We strive to keep providing great value and service and can only do so when we understand what we are doing well and how it affects our clients.

Here are some examples of the feedback we have received from our clients.

There is a certain amount of apprehension when taking on a renovation project and for the home owner, this task can be an overwhelming challenge.

Product knowledge, guidance, coaching and support are a few of the qualities Laurie, of Love This House brought to our kitchen renovation. We knew what we wanted but it was difficult to make a decision and that is where Laurie guided us in making the right decision. At one point, during the installation of the back splash, we were not sure we were correct with the choice and Laurie inquired "has it been grouted, yet", which it had not. She supported our choice and said "wait until the back splash is finished" and, sure enough, she was right, as it looks great!

Being the owners of a business in Mississauga, we know how important it is to "give back" to the community by supporting many worthwhile organizations and charities. With this philosophy as a core value to her business, Laurie can be found at many functions "giving back" to many charities of the Peel Region.

Laurie is a pleasure to work with and fully endorse and appreciate her service.

David and Lucie Shaw
Nurse Next Door, Mississauga

“Our house was for sale for over 90 days and we were worried.  Although there were plenty of showings, the few offers we received were far below asking price.  At that point our realtor suggested we consider professionally staging our house, so we reached out to Love This House.  We made an appointment with Laurie Usypchuk, owner of Love This House.  She arrived on time and we began the consulting process where she presented her company to us, along with her credentials and brochures.  She was very professional and explained in advance that she would be forthright with what she saw in our house and what she felt needed to be changed. We walked her through our house and she made suggestions as to what needed to be de-cluttered, removed, repainted, as well as other great ideas that we hadn’t thought of.  We decided to hire her on the spot, and we were glad we did!  After we fulfilled our commitment to painting and moving things out Laurie did a final inspection.  The day of staging Laurie and her staff came in like storm troopers, working hard the entire day transforming our house into a more spacious, attractive and modern home.  They worked their magic bringing in beautiful modern lamps, tables, paintings, rugs and accessories, completely changing the dynamics of each room.  We could not believe it was our house when we came for the inspection! That was on a Thursday.  We had an open house that weekend and received an excellent offer, which we accepted.  We settled at 98% of asking, which was the best offer we had received.  Staging with Love This House made such a difference we were sorry we hadn’t done it sooner.  We highly recommend Laurie and Love This House to anyone putting their house on the market!”

Lisa & Jake Azimi
Mississauga, Ontario

“As a realtor, I always want the best results for my clients. Last month I had 2 houses on the market and although they both looked ‘good’ and the market is ‘hot’ I called Laurie. I did it because it’s not enough to just sell a property, but it should sell fast and for the most possible amount of money. I knew Laurie will do an amazing job because she is an expert, she is professional and, most of all, I love her eye for every little detail. The results surpassed all expectations – the sellers got to see their homes in a totally new light, the way buyers would appreciate them and, not surprisingly, both homes sold in a week, over asking price and the feedback from agents and buyers who came to visit made us proud and happy with all the hard work.  I would highly recommend Love This House if you want to get the right results.”

Mina Savov Re/Max Realty One Inc.
Mississauga, Ontario

“WOW! I am so impressed with the professionalism, knowledge and experience of Laurie and her team. Laurie is a true expert in her field, helping my clients downsize furniture, pack and stage their home for Sale. It was a wonderful experience working with Laurie for me and my Clients. I would not hesitate to recommend Laurie to my Colleagues and Future Clients.”

Jackie Noble, Royal LePage The Regan Team
Mississauga, Ontario


 I would like to thank you for your excellent work on the property listed by me in Mississauga.

 When I got this listing I knew I have very nice property to sell but when walking around the house and talking with the Sellers I realized my usual “take this” or “move that” may not work this time. There was simply too much clutter and either old furniture or no furniture at all to deal with. So the only alternative was to hire a professional. I suggested you and my Clients, who were a little hesitant at the beginning, bought the idea. At least they liked the idea of you helping them with 2 hours of consultation. I was glad they did and you spent way over the allocated time with them but it must have been a very productive time as a few days later my Clients said they will go ahead with the whole staging process.

As usual in such a case my Clients had some different ideas on some approaches but you did not give up and I am glad you didn’t as the final outcome was absolutely fabulous. Not only did the whole house suddenly get transformed to a million dollar property but my Clients were absolutely thrilled and kept inviting all friends and neighbours to come and see their “new” house. After living in this house for over 43 years they really enjoyed the transformation.

The house really looked great. From the photographer to my Realtor Colleagues to the potential buyers that came to see the house, they all praised how nice the house looked. This must have played a big role not only in selling it within few days and for over the asking price but also setting almost a record for the highest sold price in the whole community.

My Clients were incredibly happy on one hand but I know they also wouldn’t have minded keeping the whole setting for a little longer.

 You did a great job and showed my Clients that their house can look astonishing and at the same time you did help them to realize greater income.

There is nothing else that can make them and me more happy.”

Darek Dudkowski, Royal LePage
Mississauga, Ontario

"When Laurie staged the house we sold in Mississauga, we were in awe at the way she transformed it and we knew then that we wanted her to help us decorate our new home in Welland. Laurie is extremely pleasant to work with, has a great eye for colour and design and is thorough and professional in her dealings. She arranged our furniture, shopped for us and helped us select art work and other decorative pieces. We absolutely love what she’s done with our home and all the decorating advice and tips she’s given us will help to ensure that we can keep it looking amazing in the years ahead.

Thank you so much Laurie! We would definitely recommend you to anyone wanting to sell or decorate their home, and we wish you continued success and many more satisfied customers. With Warmest Regards,"

Coral & Alvin Wilson
Welland, Ontario

“Hi Laurie, Thank you so much for the pictures.  We are still in awe at the magic you worked in our house and there are no words to adequately express our feelings.  Just know that what you both did totally exceeded our expectations and regardless of what happens with the sale, you have given us something that we will never forget.  Again, many, many thanks and we wish you both continued and greater success ahead.”

Coral & Alvin Wilson
Mississauga, Ontario

“Laurie, Thank you for the wonderful job you did in staging our home. Your artistic flair and eye for detail greatly enhanced the look of our home. We believe this transformation had a major influence on the buyer traffic and the quick sale of our home. Thank you very much”

Vince and Patti Gonsalves
Mississauga, Ontario

“I want to thank Laurie@lovethishouse for the excellent staging she did on my parent’s home.  My parents had moved to a retirement community so we cleaned and re-painted the whole house.  The house was completely empty and looked great so we were really hesitant to stage it.  But I’d read an article about how staging would give potential buyers the vision of furniture placement and something to remember the house by.  They wouldn’t focus on the dents in the carpet where furniture once was and really when it comes down to it… an empty house is just an empty house… not memorable at all.  After the staging was done by Laurie, it looked nothing less than fabulous – she definitely has a flair for decorating.  I have no doubt in my mind that the staging helped to sell the home.  It sold in just 5 days at 9.2%/ $64k above list.  My parents are so happy and I would never question whether or not to stage in the future.  We will definitely refer Laurie’s services in the future.  Thanks again Laurie for sharing your flair…”

Lily Goode
Mississauga, Ontario

“Laurie Usypchuk of Love This House was commissioned to stage my townhouse. This was my first time selling a home and Laurie's adept hand took a rather ordinary interior and made it shine, emphasizing the areas where needed. I had several comments that place never looked so good. I am absolutely positive her professional staging contributed significantly to the successful sale of this home. Mission accomplished.  Thank you for a great job.”

John M. Reid
Mississauga, Ontario

"Having Love This House stage our condo when we put it on the market for sale was one of the best decisions we made. We were worried that our condo would stay on the market for weeks and be sold for below our asking price. Our condo was sold on the second day of viewing above our asking price. Laurie is very professional. She came in on time and completed the work on schedule. She then advised us how to keep the condo looking as best as it could throughout the viewing period. I would definitely work with her in the future and would recommend Love This House for home staging needs."

Marc Lawrence Lee
Mississauga, Ontario

“Laurie was very professional and we could see from the start that she is very knowledgeable in her field. She gave us very good advice and suggestions, including on areas we did not even think were 'improvable'. Couple of times during the consultation, we suggested to change some furniture, but she insisted that it was in good condition and we didn't really have to replace. This was very surprising and refreshing as our experience is that the first thing that design/home consultants usually ask for is to replace. All her recommendations were things that would require minimal to no cost. Laurie also gave us contact details for handymen and other contractors that she has used in the past which was very helpful. Overall, it was a great experience and we would recommend Laurie in a heartbeat to anyone.”

Naina Dave
Mississauga, Ontario

What a Transformation!

“I hired Love this House to stage a 2 bedroom condo. As I had never had anything staged before, I wasn't sure how much value staging would have; but after seeing the results, I was completely sold. What a transformation! Laurie turned my run of the mill condo into something truly beautiful. I couldn't believe my eyes when I did the first walk through after she finished staging. I know that her work played a big part in helping the condo sell just 3 days after listing. Not only did it sell quickly, it also got multiple offers and sold for $16.000 over the asking price. One of the highest prices ever paid for a 2 bedroom unit in that building!  Now that's a job well done! I would recommend Laurie in a heartbeat to anyone looking to improve their return on investment through staging.”

Reena Sandhu
Oakville, Ontario

Thank You!

“Hi Laurie, I just wanted to send you a big “Thank You” for all your help. You were very Professional and Precise!! I though the sale of my house would take a few months, but it sold in 14 days for just over 98% of asking. I will definitely recommend your services to others. Thank You again!!”

Dean Price
Brampton, Ontario

“Laurie, I can’t describe the thrill it was to see the wonderful job you have done with staging our house!  I didn’t realize how attractive some of our furniture was until seeing it featured on it’s own. That goes for pictures too.  Many thanks.”

Barbara Labbett
Oakville, Ontario

“It was a great pleasure working with Laurie. She made the staging process so easy. Not only does she have a very fine design sense, she works very methodically. While the de-cluttering of the house is overwhelming it all pays off in the end because the house will look beautiful! I felt as though I was walking around a model home. We could not believe how much stuff she brought over. Even our photographer commented on the staged house saying that it made his job a lot easier. I would recommend her to anyone looking to sell their home! Thank you Laurie for making us Love This House!”

Farhat Ahmed
Mississauga, Ontario


“WOW!!  What an afternoon!  I can’t thank you enough for helping me sort through my ‘stuff’, reusing the pieces that meant something to me and talking me through the process of getting rid of the rest. After you left, while feeling overwhelmed, I was still motivated to start on those ‘quick wins’, like hanging a picture in the bathroom, and hanging the clock in the kitchen.  Your suggestions for reusing items either in my storage or from another room were just what I needed.  I just needed to see things in a different light and space and you provided that to me.  I especially liked that you explained why items looked better over here than over there….like in the master bedroom.  Beautiful!! That evening, I gathered up a number of furniture items to be taken to a facility that will ensure the pieces go to someone who needs them, and I packed up about 6 boxes of stuff for Value Village/Salvation Army.  Plan is to be rid of these items by end of weekend.  Thanks again for your support by talking me through a chaotic time and understanding my state of mind by keeping me calm throughout the process. I will be setting up another consultation for us next month. I should be ready to tackle that room in the basement by then!”

Sue McErlain
Richmond Hill, Ontario

“We had a very positive experience with Laurie and Love This House. Our apartment has an industrial minimalist feel and Laurie tastefully added accents to our existing decor which enhanced the marketability and broaden the appeal. Two days after listing the apartment for sale (the first day of available showings), we had 10 groups of people come for a viewing and 4 of those groups registered offers that first day. We successfully sold the apartment 5% above asking! We received many positive comments about how nice the apartment looked in the sales photographs due to the staging. Laurie was very accommodating with setting up and removing the staging items around our schedule. We would definitely recommend her services to anyone selling their home.”

Michael Gardiner & Jill Wilson
Toronto, Ontario

Thank you Laurie!

“Thank you Laurie!  It was truly time and money well spent.  We were able to accomplish moving all of the furniture and cleaning out the storage space over the weekend.  We are well on our way to making our house a home with colors chosen, and a plan in place.  It seems so much less overwhelming with priorities set.  We are excited about moving forward.  Thanks so much.”

Mark Smith
Brantford, Ontario


Just a quick note to thank you for the exceptional job you did in staging our house for sale. Your professionalism, expertise and obvious passion for your craft made for a truly stress-free experience from our first meeting, through to the quick sale of our home. In keeping with your promise, our house looked amazing with your choice and placement of furniture & accoutrements serving only to enhance our home's most desirable qualities. We greatly appreciate your timeliness and the value you provided, and would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone in need of home staging services. All the best,

Harry & Cindy Tideman
Port Credit, Ontario

“Thank you for your assistance with the color consultation on our home.  It was a pleasure to meet with you and go over the rooms and discuss the colors.  Norbert and myself were very impressed with the way you handled the consult - you were thorough, personable, and easy to talk to.  I will highly recommend you to my family and friends.”

Cintia & Norbert Cardoso
Oakville, Ontario

“We want you to know that while we thought we’d done a fine job preparing our house for sale, the last minute decision to retain your guidance was absolutely the best decision we have ever made, and this was our 3rd home sale. We did everything you asked and you made our home look like a Better Homes showpiece!!! Using much of our furniture, you added key accents and updated wall art that gave us the wow factor we were unable to achieve ourselves. Our small investment in your time and short-term furniture/art rentals not only enabled us to sell for top dollar, from listing to sale it sold in just 2 weeks! We are most grateful, recommend you every chance we get, and will without hesitation be calling when we’re ready to sell again.”

Bill & Diane McLaren
Mississauga, Ontario

Excellent work!

"5 stars for Laurie of Love This House! Her staging services enhanced the saleability of my listing, resulting in a quick sale for an optimal price. The value she added eclipsed her fee multiple times. Always the professional, Laurie can be counted on for practical solutions and deliver on her promises. I am proud to have Laurie as part of my team."

Bill Gardiner
WaterNestSeekers / Royal LePage


"I was so excited after you left my place on Friday, I didn’t even go to work. I started moving things and pictures around, putting up masks. The value in your service was amazing. I mentioned your service to at least 3 other persons on the weekend. It was great having you over here recommending just a few minor changes. What pleased me the most was that all you recommendations included moving a few pieces that I already had around. I knew there were things that need to be done but always thought that anyone I hired would recommend buying this and that to update my place…I feel like I live in a new home. Your recommendations were amazing. I love this home even more than I did before you were here. Thank you for you wonderful services. I will continue to recommend you. Warmest Regards”

Micheline Trottier


"Wow! “Love This House” was such an incredibly overwhelming experience for me. Years (and years!) of stress over how, one day, I would go about dismantling and selling my home of many, many years simply melted away. Love and care was evident in every room. Everything (both large and small) was handled quickly, professionally and within budget. An unbelievable job was accomplished with great finesse and in a very tight time frame. I’m on quite a unique and unexpected journey at the moment and you made everything so, so easy in my absence. I will be forever truly grateful for all that you have done. With gratitude and a smiling heart I…….Love (what you did with) This House!!!”

Anne Saliba

Amazing Work!

"Good morning Laurie. Thanks so much. I was at the property yesterday, so saw your full staging for the 1st time. What an amazing transformation! It very effectively opens up the space, shows how it can be utilized, but most importantly, draws attention to the house, and not the furnishings. Well done!”

Bill Gardiner
Waternestseekers / Royal LePage


"As a realtor, I know the importance of preparing your home so that it shows at it’s best for listing. Laurie Usypchuk of Love This House Staging simply knows how to make buyers fall in love with a home, and make my job of selling it for the highest amount of money in the quickest possible time so much easier! her flexibility in responding to individual owner’s need and will as made her a valuable team member for my business” Good Job!”

Marie-Claude Renaud


"Thank You Thank You Thank You on so many levels! I so loved our time together yesterday – you are more than knowledgeable – you are insightfully intuitive. Your expert eye and your deep sense of knowing who you are working with made my experience with you (Love This House) an amazing experience. My mind was buzzing with ideas after you left but I also felt a huge sense of calm in knowing that this house WILL work for us with a few simple yet key changes.”

Cheryl Pauchuk


"For my very first listing I wanted to make sure that everything went perfectly for the sellers. In my walk through and subsequent consultations with them I emphasized 3 things this otherwise lovely home required to prepare it for the market : repainting, staging, & photography. I wanted the home to shine in the eyes of potential buyers and I knew that the only way to achieve that result was to work with the best in each field. That’s where Laurie Usypchuk of Love This House came in because putting a house on the market is analogous to going to a grand ball – you have to look your very best, no half measures, no shortcuts. After the painting contractor was done, Laurie came in and spent approx. 4 hours one afternoon showcasing the home to its best. Both the seller and I were shocked at the transformation. The house went from a very nice home to a superbly charming one. Staging the home so artistically and tastefully the way Laurie did resulted in showings that drew people in and we had nearly 70 visitors in the first few days alone with everyone commenting at the absolute beauty of this home. In this neighborhood homes take between 21 and 30 days to sell. This home showcased by Love This House sold for nearly asking on the 3rd day it was listed! My sellers were ecstatic. I made a good choice with Love This House, and will continue to do so.”

William Ramdass
Royal LePage


"My husband and I were building a house and had some difficult decisions to make. We had to decide on colors for the exterior, interior and all the finish styles. Laurie was a huge help to give us the guidance to make decisions we were confident in. Laurie took the time to understand the styles we liked and always kept that in mind throughout the process. The cost to work with Laurie was so worth it. It saved us so much time … not to mention the time saved questioning decisions and determining if we should change our minds. Laurie is very good at what she does and has all the information needed to educate and discuss options as they come up.I would highly recommend Laurie.” 

Jennifer Black


"I love my house… emotionally speaking it’s my sanctuary while practically speaking it’s a major asset so I wanted to ensure I am treating her right. I contacted Laurie to get her thoughts on my styling and how I can improve the property with regards to the environment and the value. Laurie took the time to understand the history of my house, reviewed every room and offered constructive improvements for my immediate and long term goals. When I heard the phase “inexpensively update my kitchen” I had my doubts but two weeks later I now have a modern kitchen… and for a guy who doesn’t cook much I am now cooking every night. I appreciate Laurie’s eye and how she saw things I did not… most importantly I appreciated her follow up e-mails with information we had discussed. For me it is all about the customer service. If you are looking to build a better sanctuary or increase the value of your house I recommend you have a chat with Laurie.”

Graham Edwards


"I just wanted to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for the amazing work your team did staging our home. In all honesty, my husband wasn’t expecting to come home to many changes, but he was FLOORED at the amount of work that was done, and the big difference and huge improvement your team made to our house. We both were! We were like two little kids in a candy store when we got home that night, running from room to room, smiling and giggling at each other, with so much excitement (and even a little bit of disbelief) on how great you made every room look. We even joked about not wanting to move out anymore! We truly believe you have helped to increase the market value of our house. Once again, thank you so much for all your hard work in staging our home. My husband and I would have never been able to think up or implement all that your team did for us. It was amazing!”

Rosanna Riverso


"Laurie is an outstanding individual. Not only is she well versed in staging, Laurie’s enthusiasm and positive energy definitely get you excited about the potential returns you can achieve when selling your home. Laurie took time to tour my home and suggested necessary changes. She gave me a three-phase plan that I will be able to follow as we get ready to sell our home. I would definitely recommend Laurie to anyone who is thinking of selling their home in the future.”

Mary Bewick Clowater


"Dear Laurie Just wanted to say thanks for coming by today. I was thinking back to what you asked me about how it went. I think that you did such a great job from start to finish, I wouldn’t change a thing. I feel more educated not just with paint but how to use colour in my home to decorate/furnish better. I would like to thank you for your expertise in helping me choose the right colours for my home. You have been very patient and truly professional. I feel more confident with making my own colour choices after your in depth teaching on how and why colours work together. I now look forward to having a house that feels more like a home. Thank you!”

Dr. Lisa Ramsackal


"I hired Laurie to provide me with a functional design to be used for my basement renovation. Laurie invested time to listen carefully to my needs and then was able to accurately portray my vision graphically. What I appreciated the most is the fact that she was able to project my needs on the first draft. She exhibits immense professionalism that you would only get from a competent renovation specialist.”

Polydor Strouthos

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