Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Home Staging?

Staging is the process of making a home show ready. It doesn’t matter how big or small the home is, where the home is located, or the condition – we want to make your home present like a model home! Staging creates buyer appeal for a targeted market using lifestyle selling techniques to create an emotional connection with prospective buyers.

2. Is staging the same as decorating?

Home staging is not the same as decorating. Here’s a quick chart comparing home staging and decorating:


What is decorating?

heart2_16   Creates an environment according to the home-owner’s taste

heart2_16   Is an interpretation of personal style

heart2_16   Occurs with the luxury of time

heart2_16   Generally involves a large budget

heart2_16   Is an optional expense

What is home staging?

heart2_16   Creates an environment that appeals to the future buyer

heart2_16   Applies a universal style

heart2_16   Takes place under tight deadlines

heart2_16   Can work with tight budgets

heart2_16   Is a necessity to secure equity in your home

3. Is staging simply cleaning and de-cluttering?

Home staging is NOT:

heart2_16   Cleaning service

heart2_16   De-cluttering service

heart2_16   Packing service

heart2_16   Moving service

heart2_16   Painting service

Repair service

However, your home stager can manage all of these services if you need them and we have partners that provide these and any other services you might need in preparing your home to sell or falling in love with it again!

4. What is the purpose of home staging?

The purpose of home staging is simple: to prepare your home so you get the highest selling price in the shortest amount of time. We want to highlight the most desirable parts of your house and create an emotional connection with the buyer so they can see themselves and their family living in your home. Home staging also

heart2_16   Bridges the age gap between sellers (aged 57 on average) and buyers (aged 32 on average)

heart2_16   Gets your house on buyer’s “must see” lists through improved curb appeal and great listing photos

heart2_16   Keep buyers interested and drives bidding wars through heightened interest

heart2_16   Maintains your selling price by removing objections buyers might have that lead to lowball pricing

5. What are the benefits of home staging?

heart2_16   Home staging provides a return of almost 200% because it addresses things that buyers most commonly look at:              freshly painted walls, upgraded flooring, organized storage space, functional living spaces and so on.

heart2_16   Your staged home will have a significant advantage over other homes on the market and you will see more offers              in a hot market and higher value offers.

heart2_16   It is statistically shown that staged homes sell for more money (6.4% above list) and have fewer days on market               than homes that are not staged (13.8 days vs. 30.9 days).

6. What is the process of home staging?

Home staging is a three-step process:

Step 1 – The home stager completes the consultation and provides a comprehensive report.

Step 2 – Recommendations are implemented. This can be done by the home owner or managed by a home stager using                  outside contractors.

Step 3 – The home stager returns to the home and prepares it for showcasing.

7. How long does a staging consultation take?

It would normally take two to three hours for a consultation in a 2,000 square foot home. You can expect the comprehensive report shortly following the consultation.

8. Do I need a separate colour consultation as well if I’m selling my home?

No. as part of the process of home staging Love This House™ will make recommendations staging safe/neutral paint colours that will help sell your home.

9. I think I have a good eye in selecting paint colours. Why should I do a colour consultation?

Colour selection should not be a subjective process. Your colour consultant will take into consideration your likes and dislikes but the colours recommended will be scientifically selected to match all of the fixed elements in your house like flooring, outside bricks and stones, counter tops, trim, furniture and so on.