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Love This House™ provides expert colour consultations and styling services to maximize the enjoyment value of your home.

The colours you choose to paint the walls are the single most visible design choices you will make in your home. Choosing the right paint colour can be an intimidating task – if you get it right then you’ll be happy for years.

But if the colour that looked so perfect on the paint chip in the store or on the swatch that you brought home doesn’t turn out like you expected it then you’re either living with a colour you’re not happy with or pulling out your paintbrush and hoping not to make the same mistake again.

The optimal colour scheme for your home is more than just a matter of personal opinion – there’s actually a science to it. As Certified Colour Consultants®, we have studied the importance of colours on our moods and how choosing the right colours can affect the functionality of a room.

Let Love This House™ be the colour consultant that helps you choose the perfect colour!

Call us today at (416) 949 – 1195 and let’s get started! Or, visit our Contact Us page for other ways to get in touch.

Before Colour Consulting! 

After Colour Consulting!


You love your home but over time the look and feel has become dated and stale. We can help you rekindle that passion that you felt when you first moved in!

We can also help you address changing needs for your home – whether it’s the excitement of welcoming a new baby, re-purposing space left empty by your children as they move out and start lives of their own, or welcoming an elderly family member to live with you.

Through our decorating services we can help you re-imagine, re-purpose and redecorate your homes to make it the perfect place to come home to at the end of a long day at work.

Whether it’s rearranging or even outright removing furniture, we’ll help you make the best use out of the space in your home. We’ll help you organize your home to improve its flow and function so you can fall in love with it all over again.

We can also purchase for you or tell you what exactly to buy.

Let Love This House™ be the colour and home styling consultant that helps you get the most enjoyment value out of your home. Call us today at (416) 949 – 1195 and let’s get started! Or, visit our Contact Us page for other ways to get in touch.

Before Decorating!

After Decorating!